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Wellness inspired by the earth, seasons & moon

Bath Ritual | Sacred Space | Yoga | Flowers

Tools and practices to connect to your magic and live your best life

Time & Space For You

Rochelle loves to create and hold beautiful spaces - inside and out - to use as the container to share a variety of offerings through classes, 1:1s and events. Rochelle likes to combine different tools and practices together that she has found helpful along her own journey. Sessions typically combine a mixture of yoga, journaling, earthing, oracle cards, tea, reiki and crystals.

Inspiration is drawn from nature – seasons, cycles, flowers, as well as positive affirmation, intention, poetry, philosophy, and Rochelle’s own experience of navigating the journey of life – all of which provide the theme to guide sessions. Rochelle likes to provide a space and an energy that is nurturing, inspiring and beautiful, often bringing in flowers and other gifts from the outside world to guide you to the inner magic.

Sessions are a time and space for you to step away from the busy world, take some time for yourself, and connect, reflect and receive.

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Classes & 1:1s

  • A variety of tools weaved together, based on your specific intention

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    1 hr 15 min

    55 British pounds
  • A session combining meditation, breath & movement based on your needs

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    1 hr

    44 British pounds

Pre-booking notes - Please note:

It is recommended that you check with your Doctor or other relevant medical professional before participating in yoga, especially if you have any medical conditions, injuries or pregnancy. Whilst participating, you should listen to your own body and limitations, and not enter any postures, movement or activity that causes pain or severe discomfort. All guidance shared is optional, and you are welcome to backout or skip any part of classes. Rochelle is not a medical professional or Counsellor. As such, she cannot provide advice and may signpost to other medical professionals or services, including your GP. If you have any medical conditions or injuries please let Rochelle know before booking into a class, and please be aware that it may be suggested that sessions are not suitable for you at this time. In such cases, where possible, Rochelle may be able to signpost to other teachers who may have particular relevant training to accommodate your needs. At present Rochelle’s classes are not suitable for pregnancy. Again, where possible, Rochelle may be able to signpost to other teachers who may have particular relevant training to accommodate your needs.

Covid safety: Please ensure you abide by current covid guidelines, including socially distancing from other attendees, wearing a face covering when appropriate, and using hand sanitiser. Any borrowed items will be appropriately cleaned before/after use. If you have covid or any covid-related symptoms, please do not attend (a refund will be issued).

Incense and allergies: Please let Rochelle know if you have any allergies or are not comfortable with incense or other items being burned or used during sessions.

Space Holding Words of Love...

"Rochelle was really calming during our 1:1 and made me feel at ease. She was able to adapt our session to my health needs and it was never an issue. Rochelle consulted me the whole way whilst being professional and friendly"

"I attended weekly Zoom yoga classes with Rochelle, and the sessions were sooo great! Her nature/way of teaching is highly relaxing and I would recommend to anyone. I almost fell asleep during the final relaxation part, at pretty much every session we had! Always leaving me with such a clear, relaxed and ready for bed mood!"

“Rochelle is a gentle teacher of life. She has a great way of making people feel comfortable and included. She's a ray of sunshine!""








What should I expect?

Rochelle aims to create a nurturing, safe, beautiful space. A space for you to receive all that you need in that moment – be that connection, movement, reflection or relaxation. Sessions are typically not strong posture-based active classes, but rather more fluid, free and gentle. Sessions are also not 100% yoga or movement – but rather an offering of different tools and techniques. Rochelle takes more of a circle based approach – where people can connect with one another, interact and feel part of a community. Offerings are just that – optional. If you need to rest, journal and listen to the music, that’s fine. If you want to move and breathe and choose an oracle card to guide your practice, that’s also fine. Ultimately it’s about you tuning in to what you need at the particular time, and Rochelle helping to facilitate and guide that.

Get a feel for what working with Rochelle is like from others who have worked with her.

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