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Wellness inspired by the earth, seasons and moon

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Tools and practices to connect to your magic and live your best life

Bath Ritual Experience Kits

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of time, beauty and love with a bath ritual kit containing all you need to create your very own oasis, sanctuary, you time.

Each kit contains a variety of beautiful carefully selected tools to create your bath, audio guidance to create your sacred space, a guided meditation to fully immerse yourself within the experience, and support to integrate your bath experience into the everyday - through affirmation, journaling or meditation. 

This is not simply a bath. Bath ritual kits are a fully immersive experience for the whole self - mind, body and soul, carefully curated to work with a specific intention to bring magic and wholeness to your life.

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Create Your Own Sacred Space


A selection of some of Rochelle's favourite items to create sacred space. From handmade dried flower arrangements that she's crafted, crystals that she's loving infused with reiki, to hand-written affirmations and ritual sets. Select the tools that most speak out to you, and create your very own scared space - a special place for you to connect and feel the magic within in your own time and space.


Self Love Bath Ritual

Self Love Bath
Create Sacred Space

Sacred Space Tools & Sets

Flowers & Affirmations

Rochelle adores working with flowers and adding them into her space - perhaps the ultimate gift from Mother Nature of beauty, peace and joy.

She loves to create various items with them - from chakra flower sets, bunches to display on your altar or to send your love to a friend, to wreaths to hang on a door to symbolise your sacred space. Each creation comes with a handwritten positive affirmation or uplifting message and is blessed with positive reiki energy to send all the loving vibes your way.

Rochelle will be creating collections of dried flowers at various times, and dropping these on Etsy when available. Shop here, or sign up to the newsletter to be notified of upcoming collections. For custom orders or to request something that is not currently available, please get in touch.

Note: Prices inclusive of postage and packaging. Flower cards can be added to orders for an additional £3 - either left blank for your own message or with a hand written message of your choice. Each creation is unique and flowers and colours may vary. Whilst dried flowers generally last longer than fresh, they do not last forever. It is suggested that you keep flowers dry and moisture free, out of direct sunlight and away from areas where they may become damaged. Custom orders subject to availability and longer processing times.

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