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15 Rituals in 15 Mins

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Find more clarity, calm and joy in just 15 minutes!


In this handy guide Rochelle shares 15 simple rituals you can do in just 15 minutes - helping you to slow down, notice, connect and find more clarity and joy in small bite-sized chunks to weave into your day.


Beautifully presented and split into 5 sections, this is a wonderful resource to flick through and come back to time and time again to find your own little practices that vary depending on what you need and want in any particular moment.


1. Rituals for finding stillness

2. Rituals if you like writing

3. Rituals for enjoying nature

4. Rituals for inspiration and creativity

5. Rituals for connecting with your body

Notes: Please use this guide responsibily - taking what works for you and leaving what doesn't. Everything shared is optional, an invitation to explore.

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