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Introducing the Magical World of Bath Ritual...

"And finally the weight of the world that I'd been carrying around on my shoulders began to softly melt away.

I began to realise this was the place - the only place where I could finally stop. I could let all the worries drift away. I could be still and actually rest.

The water beckoned me. Her warm embrace enveloped me as I entered. She was the love, attention and care I'd been depriving myself of, and desperately needed, for years.

Here thoughts were not needed. Actions were not needed. I found something else. Peace. Love. Inspiration. Creativity. Connection. Being... I'd opened a door to a whole new world of discovery.

And so, me, my tub, and Mother Nature became the best of friends.

And slowly, all the pieces of me began to return home."



Bath ritual is the magical process of weaving together different tools and practices with a specific intention into the bath experience. Its a holistic immersion for mind, body and soul that's about the process of creating the bath, being in the bath, and integrating the experience after the bath. The bath becomes the sacred space, the container for a whole range of special practices and intentions - various rituals to support us as we move through life.


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Bath Ritual Experience Kits

What is bath ritual?



Bath Ritual Experience Kits

Do you dream of your very own perfect oasis?

Time just for you. To stop. To surrender. To find peace, quiet, calm. Time to melt away from the noise and business of the day, and into your own bliss. Tuning back into that magical place within. That part of you that knows all the answers. That part of you that is full of love. No expectations. Nothing to do. Just simply being. Enjoying. Feeling.

Being held in your own beautiful container. Candle light, sweet blooms kissing your skin, letting the body ease and find a little more comfort. Warm waters enveloping your whole body like the gentle embrace you've been craving.

Give yourself the gift of time, beauty and love with a bath ritual kit containing all you need to create your very own oasis, sanctuary, you time.

Each kit contains: a variety of beautiful carefully selected tools to create your bath, audio guidance to create your sacred space, a guided meditation to fully immerse yourself within the experience, and support to integrate your bath experience into the everyday - through affirmation, journaling or meditation. You can return to the meditation and audio guidance again and again, to recreate your experience as you feel called.

This is not simply a bath. Bath ritual kits are a fully immersive experience for the whole self - mind, body and soul, carefully curated to work with a specific intention to bring magic and wholeness to your life.

Bath Ritual Kits

Self Love Bath Ritual

The first bath ritual Rochelle's sharing is themed on self love and nurturing. This is one of the very first lessons she learnt (and continues to learn) on her healing journey - and finding sanctuary in the bath has been key in shifting her relationship with herself and finding more love.

This kit is designed to help you tune into and cultivate your own sense of self love - and take this energy into your everyday life. The kit contains all you need to create a loving cocoon for yourself to slip away and receive....


The Self Love Bath Ritual Kit is for you if...

  • You feel too busy, constantly on the go, burnt out, tired

  • You're unsure how to give to yourself and allow yourself to receive

  • You're looking for a holistic mind, body, soul experience in the comfort of your home

  • You'd like something a little different for your you time

  • You'd like to tune into your creativity and sense of mindfulness

  • You're looking to slow down and be more present

  • You're looking to find a greater sense of gratitude, calm and relaxation

  • You enjoy being submerged in water but struggle with cold water

  • You'd like to bring beauty and nature into your bath

  • You're looking to give some love and nurturing to yourself but only have an hour to spare

  • You're needing a special space to hold you, without needing to leave your home

  • You're looking to connect with that magical place within

You will receive...

The bath ritual kit comes in 2 parts (available as a whole package or separately):

1. A physical pack containing all you need to create your beautiful space:

  • Pink Himalayan salt to relax, soothe and nurture your body

  • Plenty of beautiful rose petals to infuse love into your bath 

  • 5 tealight candles to add a calming romantic glow to your space

  • A rose quartz crystal - a universal symbol of unconditional love

  • A love tea to sip and enjoy in or after your bath

2. Three-part audio guidance delivered to your inbox containing:

  • Preparing: Audio guidance to set your intention, prepare yourself and talk you through the ritual of creating your sacred space

  • Immersing: A guided bath meditation to fully immerse yourself in the experience 

  • Integrating: Audio guidance, affirmations and journaling prompts to reflect on and integrate your bath experience and intentions into the everyday

Bonus content - When purchased as a whole package you will also receive:

  • A welcome video from Rochelle

  • A extra treat to enjoy in the bath! (Optional - see notes below)

After your bath ritual you will feel...

  • Calm and relaxed

  • Revived and full of love

  • Inspired and confident to start weaving more self love into your everyday


Notes: Due to the natural nature of rose petals and crystals, these will vary in colour, shape and size. Be sure to use items responsibly, including the safe use of flames. Ensure you check any allergies or medical conditions beforehand. The bath meditation should be only be practiced if you are not feeling at all sleepy or drowsy, and ideally in an upright position. Optional extra treat may contain nuts, milk, soya, butter - please advise at checkout if you do NOT want this included).

Bath Ritual Kit Words of Love...

"This is really really nice! Rochelle has a real natural gift for sharing bath mediations... I've done so many meditations and it's hard to find ones that resonate. She has such a nice delivery and tone. Sharing in this way is definitely a natural gift!"

"I was blown away! It really moved me. Rochelle oozes loving vibes and really has gifts as a healer/guide/space-holder/teacher! I really enjoyed the three meditations and experiencing a bath as a self love exercise felt really nourishing. I really got so much love out of it."

“Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thing! Your choices of words are absolutely beautiful and it’s really lovely to have experienced something that is just so you! It completely resonated with me, and clearly came from a place of love. To have put your heart and soul into something as beautiful as this is really inspiring. I’m feeling super chilled out, thank you."





How long does a bath ritual experience take?

I would suggest giving yourself at least an hour for the whole bath ritual.

Each audio file is no longer than 10 minutes. These are split into pre-bath, during bath and after bath to enable you to move through each part of the ritual at your own pace. 

Personally my bath rituals usually last much longer as I like to take my time and have a good soak! :)

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