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Wellness inspired by the earth, seasons and moon

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Tools and practices to connect to your magic and live your best life

Introducing Rochelle...

Rochelle is an earth-lover, a romantic, a creative, a writer, an explorer. She is a deep, passionate, curious soul, forever learning, growing and evolving as her highest and brightest self, sharing her lessons along the way.

Deeply in love and inspired by the natural world - colours, flowers, seasons, cycles - Rochelle loves creating and sharing beauty and sacred space as the ultimate container to surrender to the noise of the everyday world and connect to your inner magic. Through Rituals by Rochelle she brings this to you - sharing tools, practices, and space to find grounding, healing, love and nurturing - to find that wonderful inner light and live your most joyous life!

A lot of Rochelle's work centres around love, positivity and beauty. Deeply connected to the feminine, she loves to work with the moon, menstrual cycles, sun, water and plants - finding flow and connection with the body, the heart, and finding a life led by intuition and feeling. She works a lot around mindset, manifesting, affirmations, intention, visualisation, mantra and has done much personal work around questioning, re-learning and re-writing the narrative on societal norms and expectations - she's not a conformative and likes to question, understand and come to her own conclusions! Rochelle takes a spiritual approach to life - believing everything is connected and in the power and messages of the Universe - and her continual lessons, guidance and prompts. Rochelle also works with journaling, oracle cards, meditation, breath, philosophy, chakras, yoga, reiki, crystals and energy.

Rochelle seeks to find pleasure and creativity daily. She strives towards creating a balanced and wonderful everyday to be loved and enjoyed for the miracle that it is. She likes to play and wonder. She's a Seychellois at heart, brought up in British culture, always seeking to find a greater connection to her tropical roots. She'll often be found in the garden, in the bath (or paddling in some form of water!), drinking tea, writing, playing with flowers, eating yummy food, or admiring or creating something beautiful.

Rochelle's an Aries sun, a vata, an empath, an introvert, a Generator, an INFJ, and has many daily rituals for self love, protection, grounding and recharging. She pays close attention to stimuli and diet and their affects on mind, body and soul, and is caffeine and alcohol free, and also limits refined sugar. She's a believer, an optimist, and has a huge heart full of love and wisdom to share with you.

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Before Now

2016 was that life-altering moment. In her mid to late 20's Rochelle found herself stuck in the rat-race. Years of commuting, working in low-paid jobs, feeling lost and unsure, various house moves, dis-placed family - had all caught up with her - and the spiralling path of anxiety, depression and fatigue had escalated. She found herself on the never-ending treadmill, unsure of where she was going, or even who she was. She had no idea of what her hobbies were, what she did for fun; there was very little joy or purpose in her life. Extremely poor mental health finally pushed her to find that stop button and jump into the unknow. She left London, she left her career. There was no next step, no plan. And finally she asked for help and started taking control of her life. From there, she's entered a whole new world of healing, discovery, remembering, re-learning - and it's these lessons and daily glimpses of magic that Rochelle brings to you today.


What is Ritual?

Rochelle describes ritual as doing something slowly and with intention, that feels special and purposeful - and ultimately helps you feel great!

There are many types of ritual that Rochelle likes to work with - from grounding rituals, bath rituals, moon rituals and more - all inspired by specific intention, incorporating elements of nature and various other tools such as crystals or journaling, and guided by the seasons and moon.

Rochelle likes to create beautiful sacred space as the container for ritual - a space to completely drop into, release the busy-ness of the day and receive all that is needed in that very moment. Ritual is something that Rochelle holds very close to her heart, and has played a significant role in her life.

Read more about how Rochelle works with ritual, how she discovered it, and how it has helped her on her healing journey - in this blog.


"Ritual will always be a part of my life because of how it makes me feel and all that it teaches me. I will forever be grateful for this, and hope that I can share some of the magic I have discovered along the way."


Giving Thanks & Giving Back

There are so many people who enter our lives and there are always lessons to be shared and learnt. After trying endlessly to recall the many guides and teachers Rochelle has learnt from, she instead realised a simple thank you from the heart was enough.

There are so many courses, teachers, books, resources that have provided guidance and light - a trail of breadcrumbs inspiring interest and continual learning and discovery of different paths. This exploration is one of the Divine beauties of life. And this journey is what leads us to where we are today. Rochelle wishes to acknowledge and express gratitude for all those in her life - past, present and future, and the lessons, guidance and inspiration provided along the way.

"Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond." Rumi

"Nature saved me." Rochelle

The other 'thank you' is of course to Mother Nature. Rochelle has always felt a deep connection and care towards the earth, and of course all things nature have guided her towards healing, and eventually discovering her work through Rituals by Rochelle.

Charitable Support

As a big thank you Rochelle has chosen to donate a percentage of profits to environmental organisations working to protect this precious home, such as Ocean Project Seychelles and Nature Seychelles.


Training & Courses

​Rochelle has completed a range of training and courses, including:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • Member of Independent Yoga Network

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2

  • Crystal Healing Level 1

  • Women's Circle Facilitator Training

  • School of Whole

  • Her Way and Her Way Cocoon

  • Cyclic Living

  • Natural Bath Products

  • Floristry 


Articles and Features

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